Are you charity-minded?

Do you want to help us make a difference?

We are a group called 100 Men Who Give A Damn. There are chapters all around, but not one in Amarillo. Until now.

There is no parent organization. There is no 501c3. There is no BS.

There are only 4 Giveaway Extravaganzas each year held in January, April, July & October.

Each person commits to $100 per meeting. ($400/year)

Three different small to medium-sized charities are picked to present at each event. Each charity will make their case to the group at the event and then all in attendance will vote on which charity will be the winner that evening. If we have enough men (and women) in attendance, each charity that was not picked to win will still walk away with $200-$1000, so there really are no losers.

There can be many more than 100 people in attendance. “100 Men” is just the name of the group, but hopefully not the limit!

It’s a low-hassle way to make a difference in our community, meet people you would not normally meet, and give a lot of money to people doing some wonderful stuff in our community.

Will you join our army of men who give a damn?

Will you help us get more men who give a damn from your network of contacts?